Your week with us

Here you will learn more about the OJRC and what makes us more than just a rowing course.  There are also details on the 5 day course and what you can expect during your week with us.  For information on our 2 day 'OJRC Fledglings' course for 10 and 11 year olds please click here.

If there is something we have not covered or you would like to know more about then please either visit the FAQ page or get in touch with us. 

Why the OJRC?

Rowing is the ultimate team sport and this course is about far more than just rowing. The OJRC not only teaches novices to row, takes intermediates to the next level, and polishes the skills of advanced rowers, it also introduces and develops an essential set of life skills. At the OJRC we believe that young people have a greater chance of fulfilling their ambitions and reaching their goals if they are given the right ‘tools’.  

Rowing is at the heart of our week long courses, but supplemented by a range of activities designed to engage and challenge course members. A broad set of life skills are as important as academic achievement, and rowing is renowned for building core qualities like determination, independence, tenacity, time management, and resilience, among many more. Our 5 day programme blends a superb rowing experience on Oxfordshire’s enviable portion of the Thames with complementary activities and challenges designed to discover and nurture untapped life skills in every course member.

The OJRC is a unique week of coaching, engagement, fun, challenging experiences and personal development built around one of the UK’s most successful international sports.  It’s a toolkit for life wrapped up in one energetic week of rowing and rewarding experiences.

Your Day

During your week with us you will spend the majority of your time on the water doing what you love (or will soon love) - rowing!  But you will also spend time gathering those crucial life skills.  An example of your week can be seen below. 

8.30am Morning briefing

8.45-10.45 Water Session

10.55-11.55 Time to refuel/Life skills workshop

12 - 1 Water Session

1-1.50 Lunch and down time

2-4.30 Water Session

4.45 - 6pm Time to refuel/Life skills workshop

N.B. We will also be offering a Breakfast Club from 7.30am for those keen early risers which will carry an additional charge and will include breakfast.  Please get in touch for details.

Water Sessions

Whatever your ability you will spend a solid 5 hours a day rowing whether that be on the lake, the river or inside on the tank.  Sessions will be run by our team of experienced coaches who will take the time to get to know your goals for the week and ensure you get the most out of your week (they might even sit in a boat with you and give you some practical demonstrations!).  During your week with us you will spend time in a mixture of boats from singles and doubles/pairs to quads/fours and eights.  Of course not forgetting the crucial budding coxes - we will be running a special session for you too!

Life Skills

Each day of the week will have a different focus and we will include this in all we do on and off the water.  Examples of life skills we will be covering include: communication; team building; leadership; resilience; conflict resolution and goal setting.  For the 16+ ages we will also be running a session on employability and personal finance.


During your week with us we will guide you through various top tips on looking after your wellbeing, including mindfulness, yoga and nutrition.  You will engage in some practical sessions with experts in their fields and go away with some understanding of what it takes to look after mind, body and soul.

Phone Detox

You can’t put the genie back in the bottle when it comes to smartphones and tablets. They are a ubiquitous part of our daily lives.   While we can all agree that there are many pros to mobile phones, there are also a huge number of cons for young people.  At the OJRC we’ve decided to run our week long courses 'phone free'.  Your week with us is about connecting with people face to face and learning new life skills. Employers agree that the most important life skills aren’t always about technology, they’re about building interpersonal relationships, teambuilding, and human interaction. OJRC is a unique opportunity to spend a week with people without the distractions brought by digital technology. Phones will be collected in at the beginning of the day and given back at the end however please be assured that coaches will always have phones on them in case of emergency and parents/carers are always welcome to call us at anytime.