Skills Experts

Andrew Wright - Life Skills Coach

Andrew’s 27-year career in the media and communications industry has brought him into contact with tens of thousands of people in an eclectic range of multinational and multicultural environments. His experiences have ranged from managing hostile media interviews in conflict zones, negotiating complex media rights contracts, running live news broadcasts as a producer and journalist, to consulting on advanced communications techniques like body language and vocal intonation.

Now Andrew is not only a busy media owner, consultant and employer but also a committed and passionate skills trainer, working in the international corporate sector as well as developing leadership skills in some of the UK's top schools.  He now devotes his time to providing communication, presentation, and negotiation skills training as well as being an in-demand producer of content for radio, TV and online in both the public and corporate sectors.

Georgina Roberts - Yoga Instructor

Georgina Roberts is a former ballerina and fashion designer who lives in Oxford and teaches all ages the benefits of yoga.  She is fantastic fun and full of enthusiasm and encouragement. She is working with the OJRC to develop Yoga for rowers - Rowga!

Iyengar yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, gender or physical ability.  A typical Iyengar yoga class involves a sequence of asanas (poses) designed to create space and mobility in the body, as well as stability and alignment.  Through repetition of poses and regular practice, an awareness of the body results in improved alignment, stamina, flexibility and an overall sense of wellbeing.  Iyengar yoga uses props in the form of foam blocks, blankets and belts, to enable the student to achieve maximum benefit in the poses.

 'Yoga is an art, a science and a philosophy.  It touches the life of man at every level, physical, mental and spiritual. It is a practical method for making one's life purposeful, useful and noble'.  

Phil White - Outdoor Learning

Phil loves a challenge, and decided to cycle 18,000 miles on his own around the world in 2004, after graduating from university. 27 countries, 11 months, and 3 pairs of cycling shorts later he completed his journey. During his varied career he has worked as a management consultant, an operations manager, and reached the rank of Captain during 7 years as an officer in the British Army. He has now settled down somewhat, and is a full-time teacher. 

Phil has considerable experience forming and training teams, and it is this part of his expertise that he brings to our course. Team activities such as building and racing rafts allow students to understand more about how to effectively participate in, and lead, teams while having a blast at the same time. 

 Abi Barclay-Watt - Nutritionist

Abi is not only a mum of two sport obsessed boys but has a Masters in Applied Human Nutrition, is a Registered Nutritionist with the Association for Nutrition, and runs Balanced Nutrition Consultancy (BNC). BNC has a wide remit and provides consultation for individuals, families, schools, corporate and bespoke groups. It’s Abi’s fundamental belief that a well-balanced diet is central to our mental and physical well-being through all our life stages and educating our children in nutrition is critical in changing the worrying trend in childhood obesity and the long-term health implications that brings with it. She also believe that it’s essential that this is done in a sensitive manner to enable children and teenagers to foster a life-long healthy relationship with food.

Abi lectures part-time in Applied Human Nutrition and the Psychology of food, MSc and Undergraduate level at Oxford Brookes University. She has worked with both private and state schools in Oxfordshire for specific sports performance nutrition (Rowing at Radley and Football and Abingdon and Didcot town youth) and more general balanced healthy eating (DGS). She also run Nutrition and cookery workshops for primary schools in Oxfordshire. Abi is also the Nutritional consultant for Fit and Healthy Mums and writes a monthly column in ‘Round and About’.

Abi is looking forward to meeting the course members and helping them engage in the benefits of delicious healthy balanced eating.