We will be operating from two different sites in Oxford, both within walking distance of each other.  Our beginners will start their week in Hinksey Park on the boating lakes.  The affectionately known 'pond' is where they will first step into a boat.  The pond is 2 foot deep and just about big enough for a small number of boats to manoueve around on.  They will then move onto the larger lake with a fantastic new pontoon and safety launches.  Here they start covering distance and learn to steer.

We will introduce them to singles and doubles on the lakes before they gain momentum and get some big boat experience in quads and eights on the river for the second half of their week.   The lakes are the perfect place to safely master the art of rowing before venturing out onto the river. 























Our intermediate and advanced rowers will be boating from Magdalen College Oxford boathouse on the river Isis in the centre of Oxford.  The 2km stretch of Thames has lots to offer with beautiful views and opportunities to row through the locks which we will take great advantage of through the week, exploring other reaches of the Thames. 

Magdalen Boathouse is located on the City Bank of the River Isis (Thames) in Oxford, at the end of what is known as Boathouse Island. The boathouse has all the facilities we need for our week on the river including changing rooms, a common room and a balcony with stunning views of the river.