We are very excited to have such wonderful endorsements from a range of rowers and professionals, some of whom look forward to visiting the course members during the weeks.

"This course offers a fantastic approach. So often we focus on the obvious approaches of strength and technique while neglecting the whole person. Spending time developing the inner peace and strength will really help everyone make their boats go faster both on and off the water". 

 Ben Hunt-Davis, Olympic Gold medallist, performance expert, coach, facilitator and keynote speaker. He is also Co-author of “Will It Make The Boat Go Faster?”


"The feeling when you and the rest of the crew are rowing in time with the movement of the boat is like nothing else. I encourage everyone, young or old, to do enough rowing to enjoy that experience at least once. The Oxford Junior Rowing Course provides young people with that opportunity; as well as the chance to learn more about what they are capable of, meet new people and have a good time."

Jonny Searle MBE, Olympic Gold medallist


“Everything OJRC encourage you to believe about rowing and life skills is absolutely true. If this were not so, we would not be about to celebrate 20 years of delivering our sport to youngsters in the region with the resulting alumni building daily on their acquired life skills.  Our success has in no small measure been due to Amelia Wright who began coaching with us in 2004 and left us in 2017 having occupied the position of Director Rowing for 7 years. We are very proud to support  Amelia and her colleagues in this new venture".

John Broadhurst, Chairman, Hinksey Sculling School, Oxford


"In the many years I have been a headmaster it has often struck me how important it is for children to try out new activities and to learn new skills, work as part of a team and develop character. The OJRC will be a great way to spend a week of the school summer holidays".

A. R. Graham, Headmaster, Hall Grove School, Surrey


"Learning to row as a junior was incredible fun!  I made lifelong friends from the first rowing camp I attended.  I learned what it meant to be part of a team as well as how to commit to individual improvement.   I didn’t know at the time that I would carry on to represent my country in rowing but the enjoyment, the little achievements and friendships made rowing very special part of my life. The OJRC will provide a great start to aspiring Olympians and those who want to learn a great sport for life".

Kirsten Barnes, Canadian rower and double Olympic champion


"My family has enjoyed everything about being involved in the sport of rowing and the numerous additional benefits it has given, from friends and valuable professional contacts, to strengths such as confidence, tenacity and the ability to lead in all manner of situations. Our four sons trained and raced under the Directorship of Amelia Wright, whose passion and energy to see people thrive and excel in all areas of life has set a lasting example. As a parent I am enormously grateful that Amelia and Andrew have been interested and taken the time to get to know all of my children and I am so thrilled to know that many more young people will gain from their skills and expertise. I wish Amelia and the OJRC team great success with these exciting new courses".

Mandy Myatt, Trustee, Hinksey Sculling School, Oxford


"I have coached alongside both Annabel and Angus on many occasions. Their enthusiasm and sheer belief in the untapped capabilities of young people is truly remarkable and I would urge any young person thinking of trying out rowing to join a course where they are involved. With heaps of experience on the river, both as rowers and coaches, and two teenage rowing children of their own, they are just the right sort of people to be leading the coaching on this exciting new Oxford based youth rowing course". 

Donald Legget, Coach at Cambridge University Boat Club, St Paul's School and Putney High School.


"As head rowing coach at a senior school I understand the importance for children to learn good rowing technique and to develop a passion for being out on the river in boats. I endorse the OJRC as a great way of nurturing these important qualities".

Bobby Thatcher, First VIII Coach St. Paul's School, London


"I was coached by Amelia and loved rowing when I was a teenager. Aside from being great fun and making some amazing friends, it also provided an important break from the pressures of schoolwork and taught me some invaluable life skills. Those life skills that I gained from rowing have been vital throughout my time at University and beyond.  The Oxford Junior Rowing Course is without doubt a course that I would have wanted to go on. It is an amazing opportunity to improve your rowing and, more broadly, nurture those less ‘tangible’ but vital life skills, such as determination and time management". 

Freddie Batho, Hinksey Captain of Boats and Alumni 2014